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Mini Travel Size Textured Infant Sensory Mat

Mini Travel Size Textured Infant Sensory Mat

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Spark Curiosity and Exploration with We Saw See Saw's Mini Textured Sensory Feel Mats for Kids!

Unleash a sensory wonderland for your little adventurer with the We Saw See Saw Textured Sensory Play Mat. This vibrant playmat is an invitation to explore, discover, and learn.

What's Inside - 
Ten distinct textures, : 1. Fur 2. Jute 3. Velvet 4. Sequins  5. Grass 6. Satin 7. Rexine 8. Suede  9. Wire Mesh  10. Shimmer Cloth [5 × 5 Inches each]
and a Steel Clamp

Their detachable nature allows for endless rearrangement possibilities, ensuring a dynamic sensory experience every time

Dive into a world of tactile sensations:

    • Soft and fluffy fur tickles tiny toes, evoking the feeling of cuddly animals.

    • Rough and rustic jute awakens curiosity, inviting little fingers to trace its natural fibers.

    • Smooth and luxurious velvet feels like royalty underfoot, encouraging imaginative play.

    • Shimmering and cool sequins sparkle with every touch, adding a touch of magic to playtime.

    • Springy and green grass brings the outdoors in, perfect for barefoot explorations.

    • Silky and elegant satin glides against skin, leaving a trail of giggles and wonder.

    • Durable and textured rexine provides a familiar comfort, ideal for crawling and playtime.

    • Soft and supple suede warms little hands and feet, creating a cozy haven for relaxation.

    • Cool and stimulating PVC wire mesh offers a unique sensation, perfect for curious hands to explore.
    • Sparkly and eye-catching shimmer cloth adds a touch of glamour and visual intrigue, inspiring creative play.

More than just fun, this sensory mat:

    • Boosts sensory development: Encourages exploration and helps refine touch perception.
    • Promotes motor skills: Crawling, walking, and balancing become more engaging.
    • Sparks creativity: Inspires imaginative play and storytelling.
    • Provides comfort and calming: Soft textures offer a safe space for relaxation.
    • Made with high-quality, child-safe materials: Durable and easy to clean.

Give your child the gift of endless sensory exploration with the We Saw See Saw Textured Sensory Feel Mat. Order yours today and watch their curiosity blossom!

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