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Sensory Wooden Kitchen Set for Kids

Sensory Wooden Kitchen Set for Kids

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Watch your little chef blossom with their own mini wooden Chakla Belan Super Chef set! This expansive and adorable set goes beyond rolling pins and base to let kids truly embrace their culinary creativity from start to finish. Just like watching mom in the kitchen, they can now replicate every step with their own mini setup, fueling their imagination with endless possibilities.

Beyond the fun, this set fosters incredible development:

    • Mastering tiny movements: Rolling, pressing, scooping with the included bowl, spoon, rolling pin & polapt (chakla belan), patterned rolling pin, wooden tongs, and wooden knife hones fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
    • Whipping up pretend feasts: Social and emotional growth blossom as they play chef with friends and family, collaborating on imaginary meals full of laughter and connection.
    • Focusing on the perfect roti: Every roll with the Chakla Belan is a chance to boost cognitive skills and focus, encouraging them to perfect their technique with delightful determination.
    • Creative expression: The patterned rolling pin unlocks unique designs and textures in their pretend dough, while the wooden tongs and knife expand their culinary repertoire, letting them slice, serve, and explore with confidence.

Made with safe, non-toxic wood, this complete chef's kit is easy to carry and store for playtime anywhere. Plus, its natural beauty adds a touch of warmth and charm to any toy kitchen collection.

What's Inside - (9 articles)
• 1 Polpat
• 3 Rolling Pin - 1 Traditional, 1 Patterned & 1 Flat
• 1 Knife
• 1 Scoop
• 1 Spoon
• 1 Bowl
• 1 Tong

Gift your child the endless culinary adventures of the We Saw See Saw Chakla Belan Super Chef set! Watch their imaginations simmer, their skills sizzle, and their love for pretend play rise like freshly baked bread!

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