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Personalised Space Sensory Bin

Personalised Space Sensory Bin

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Blast Off into Sensory Fun with We Saw See Saw's Personalized Space Multi-Activity Sensory Bin!

Every child becomes a cosmic explorer with this out-of-this-world sensory toy, personalized with their very own Messy Play Mat!

    Here's what awaits your little astronaut:

    A Personalized Universe:

      • 🚀Custom-made Messy Play Mat: Their name boldly printed amidst Fun and ownership. 
      • Tired of cleaning up endless messes after playtime? Let your little artist explore finger paints, slime, clay, and more, knowing the mess stays contained on the mat's wipeable surface. 
      • Lightweight and foldable: Perfect for picnics, beach trips, or grandma's house.
      • Big enough to ensure all the mess stays within limits!
      • Reusable hours of coloring: Let your child unleash their inner artist with washable markers or paints directly on the mat.

    Sensory Adventures:

      • 🚀Rainbow Rice (7 pouches × 100 g): Dive into a vibrant sensory landscape with color sorting, pouring, and scooping fun!

      • 🚀Kinetic Sand (500 grams): Build craters, mold planets, and let imagination take flight with this mesmerizing, moldable sand.

      • 🚀Wooden Space Cut-outs (4): Rockets, planets, astronauts, oh my! Spark imaginative stories and small world play with these sturdy, colorful cut-outs.

      • 🚀Clay Mini Jars (5): Squish, sculpt and create alien landscapes with these vibrant, child-safe clays.

      • 🚀Pom-poms: Add a touch of fluffy fun to spaceships, planets, and cosmic creatures!

    Playtime Tools:

      • 🚀Wooden Spoon, Bowl, Scoop, and Tong: Let creativity and exploration take center stage with these handy tools.

    This sensory bin is more than just play – it's:

      • Developmental Play: Enhances fine motor skills, color recognition, sensory processing, and imaginative storytelling.
      • Personalized Learning: The custom mat fosters ownership and engagement, making learning fun and personal.
      • Messy Fun, Guaranteed: Washable and easy-to-clean materials for hours of sensory exploration.

    Blast off into a world of wonder with We Saw See Saw's Personalized Space Multi-activity Sensory Bin! Order yours today and watch your little astronaut's imagination soar!

    Additional Points:

      • Suitable for ages 6 months and up (adult supervision recommended).
      • Makes a unique and educational gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion.
      • A perfect everyday activity to reduce screen time.

    Remember: Sensory play is messy, but oh so rewarding! Let your child explore, create, and learn in a safe and stimulating environment.

     What's Inside -

    • Personalised reusable Space theme Messy mat 
    • Space Theme Wooden cut out - 4
    • Transparent tray.
    • Rainbow Rice - 7 colors × 100g
    • Clay - 5 Colour 
    • Pompom - 1 Packet
    • Kinetic sand - 500g
    • Wooden Bowl
    • Wooden Scoop.
    • Wooden Tong.
    • Wooden Spoons.
    • Sketch Pens
    • Many small freebies.
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