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Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Rice

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Spark Your Child's Senses with Colored Rice Play!

Give your child the gift of exploration and learning through their senses with a vibrant sensory bin filled with colored rice! This simple, yet engaging activity ticks all the boxes for keeping little ones entertained and away from screens:

Beyond the fun, colored rice play offers valuable benefits for your child's development:

    • Multi-sensory stimulation: Engages all five senses, promoting holistic brain development.
    • Cognitive development: Encourages problem-solving, counting, and sorting skills.
    • Calming effect: Provides a soothing sensory experience that can help reduce stress and anxiety.
    • Safe and natural: Made with organic materials and food-grade dyes, this play activity is gentle on your child and the environment.

So, unleash your child's inner explorer with a colorful rice sensory bin! It's a simple yet powerful way to ignite their senses, spark their curiosity, and nurture their growth.

What's inside - 

  • 7 × 100 grams of Colored Rice (VIBGYOR colors).
  • 2 wooden tools - 1 Scoop & 1 Bowl.
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Customer Reviews

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Sensory play with rainbow rice

Playing with rice is a promotes good sensory activation. Being a working mother I didn't have time to make sensory play ideas and this brand saved me! My 2 year old daughter loves playing with this rainbow rice. Looking forward to more brighter colours the next time! Thankyou